Get yourself a dartboard and some cool new darts. Got everything you need? Great, now it’s time to set up your darts area to get the most use and practice out of it. Here are some tips that will help you create the perfect setting.

Choose an area that isn’t a walkway or a doorway, you don’t want any accidents and leave someone with tiny puncture wounds.

Also pay mind to your floor, will it get damaged or worn easily? You may like to invest in a Dart Mat. This will protect your floor and will also mark the correct distance you should be standing at.

Try to have as much light as possible and avoid as much shadow on your dartboard as possible.

Protect your walls with a Dartboard Cabinet or Dartboard Surround.

Consider an Electronic dartboard or scorer, that will keep your scores.


  • Hang your Dartboard at a height of 173 cm from floor to Bull.
  • Stand at a distance of 237 cm from front or Dartboard to Oche (throwing line)
  • Centre of Dartboard to Oche should be 293 cm – imagine a diagonal line that can be measured from the centre of the bullseye to the oche line.