Hang up the dartboard:

Make sure the dartboard hangs securely on the wall. Beforehand: always check the metal hook at the back of the board. The dartboard’s bull’s eye should hang 1.73 metres from the ground, on the wall. The darts must be thrown from a distance of 2.37 metres.

Rules of the game:

There are several versions of the darts game, invented by a number of people. The most famous and most popular game of darts is called 501:

Each player plays with 3 darts.

Decide who will start: the players must throw in the direction of the bull’s eye, the player who throws the nearest to the bull’s eye may start the game.

At the beginning each player starts with 501 points. Each score from this point on will be subtracted from the start score.

The player who reaches a score of 0 the quickest will be the winner.

The last darts always need to be a double score or a bull’s eye (not the bull)!

Points partitioning:

Red bull’s eye: 50 points

Green single Bull: 25 points

Highest ranking points: 180 (3 times triple 20)

Highest throw is: 170 (2 times triple 20, 1 time bull’s eye)

Middle circle on a number is a triple (3 times)

Outer circle on a number is a double. The outer ring needs to be thrown out at all times (or on the red bull’s eye, not the single bull).

The darts which miss the board, and which fall on the floor or are thrown at the centre on the last throw will all be counted as 0 points.